We Love To See You But….



Lynn loves to socialize.  He’s much more outgoing than I am and often wants to invite people over; especially family members.  However, what I hear when he says so and so is coming over is this:  I’ve invited people over who may or may not have been exposed to a cold, flu, norovirus, or any other germs that could make me extremely ill and bring on an exacerbation or deterioration in my condition that could have long term effects.  Plus, I will likely spend a lot of energy talking and entertaining which means that what little energy I have will be totally used up and it will take me 2-3 days to recover so be prepared to provide even more care for me than you normally would.  In the meanwhile, I need you to fix a little something for them to eat like maybe a roast, baked potatoes, and some vegetables while caring for me and trying to work and I would really like the house to look presentable though not necessarily festive. 

Really?” I say.

Don’t get me wrong, I also like to see family and friends and I really enjoy our time together but now that Lynn has an autoimmune disease that makes him susceptible to other illnesses, I see socializing in a whole new light.  Here’s what I would like to say to our guests (and actually sometimes do).

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  1. omg I know exactly what and how you feel My life also… I just wish men would understand their limits and realize how it effect us the caregiver.

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