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Procedure for Nasogastric Insertion
Tulane Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Team Training
Published on Aug 20, 2018, Simple steps for inserting an NG tube
Jejunostomy Feeding Instruction
Published on Aug 7, 2017, an instructional video illustrating properly using your jejunal (J) tube pump.
Unclogging a Feeding Tube
Nasogastric Tube Insertion and Removal
Produced by College of DuPage
Peg Feeding Tube Care Instructions by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
What is a PEG tube, and what is it used for? Get the details and learn how to apply and care for a PEG tube. Presented by Roswell Park’s Patient Education Department.
How Often Do I Need to Check Tube Placement? 
Mic-Key Button Remove and Replace
The process for changing the button on a gastrostomy tube.
Why are there Different Types of Feeding Tubes?   
The type of tube used depends on how long it is needed and why it is being used.


G-Tube Change in an Infant
G-Tube 1: Overview 
Published on Apr 17, 2012, Explains the purpose of the G-Tube. Necessary for patients who are unable to consume nutrition by mouth
G-Tube 2: Interview with an Expert
Cleaning the G-Tube Area
Published on Oct 19, 2012, Cincinnati Children’s shows parents and caretakers how to properly clean a Gastrostomy Tube (G-Tube) site. A G-Tube site kept clean and dry is less likely to cause skin issues.
Gastro Jejunal Tubes (G-J Tubes
Nutrition4Kids Published on Jan 3, 2017, Dr. Stephen Liu explains Gastro jejunal Tubes (G-J Tubes). G-J tubes allow feedings to be dripped into the small intestine when stomach feeding is not well tolerated due to reflux, motility issues, or other challenges.********************************************

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