Holy Trinity

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are One being in three forms called the Holy Trinity. (Colossians 2:9) Three at one time — how is that possible? Think about water. Water can exist as steam, ice, and a liquid; however, it’s still water in all forms. The Holy Trinity exists in all three forms, God the Father is spiritual, Jesus, the Son, is fully human and fully God, and the Holy Spirit is also spiritual.

God, the Creator

God, the Creator and Spiritual ruler of the universe, is all-knowing, all-seeing, ever-present, and all-powerful, and sits on His throne in Heaven. (John 4:24)  God created the heavens and the Earth. His word is alive and active, penetrating our thoughts and attitudes. (Hebrews 4:12), God is perfect (Psalm 18:30) and just. (Psalm 50:6)

Jesus Christ, His Son

Jesus Christ, His Son, is both completely human and God. (Colossians 2:9) Jesus was with God in Heaven when God created Earth. (Colossians 1:15-17)  Satan, or Lucifer, the Angel, was there as well. However, Lucifer challenged God’s leadership, and God threw him out of Heaven. Upon landing on Earth, he began his plan to entice as many people as possible into a life of sin and away from God. (Revelation 12) 

God is a God of Justice. He believes in fairness and accountability. While not every situation on Earth may seem to receive the justice deserved now, God will administer His righteous judgment for all sins.  (Psalm 37:27-29)

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