Mission Objectives


To provide specific instructions for patient care procedures potentially performed at home, including potential risks, troubleshooting, and tips.


Provide links to YouTube videos that demonstrate patient care procedures.  The visual presentation allows the viewer to see a successful demonstration, the type of supplies and equipment needed, and some techniques used to accomplish the tasks. Video also allows for instant replay. Written instructions may be provided in some classes, including tips about common mistakes, warning related to potential risks, ways to avoid infection, what normal vs. abnormal looks like, and other helpful information.  

Caregivers may request to use Facetime or Duo to set up an observation or discussion session and a confidence or troubleshooting session.


To provide suggestions related to setting up life as a caregiver, including tips on finding resources, guidance on problem-solving, help with common daily routines, answers to dealing with outside agencies, etc.


To provide informative articles and blogs on caregiving topics gained from research or personal experience.


To provide encouragement and emotional support to caregivers through sharing what I know, being a resource, sharing God’s love, introducing them to other caregivers, and avenues of support.


Provide blogs and articles of encouragement, insights into coping with caregiving, and, if possible, virtual, or in-person support groups or online communities (future dream).

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