Challenging Behaviors and Emotions – Video Examples

Knowing what to say and how to break the barrier of depression can be difficult at times.




Handling Challenging Behaviors and Emotions

What is the best way to deal with family members when they act out in a way that is not safe or inappropriate for the situation?  The following videos series produced by UCLA  provides examples of one way you might approach the situation. Thanks to UCLA for allowing me to link to their site. 

Note: Every Situation is Different   

If you’re in the middle of handling a difficult situation that’s not going well, talk to someone about what is happening. Sometimes there is a medical reason for the behavior change; other times, a fresh perspective can help you see things differently. Regardless, letting someone know what is happening helps prevent you from feeling alone and reduces your burden.

UCLA Health Caregiver Training Videos

Home Safety

Refusal to Bathe

Refusal to Take Medications 

Repetitive Behaviors

Repetitive Questions

Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors

Sleep Disturbances

Alcohol Abuse


Lack of Eating

Paranoid Thoughts

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