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Lynn’s son might have MS.  He is still going through testing and if he has it, it’s very early in the disease process.  Lynn’s father had MS, then Lynn, and now his son.  When Lynn was first diagnosed we were told it was not a genetically driven condition but there might be a predisposition to it.  Well, based on this family’s history, I’m inclined to think heredity plays a big factor.

We have shared information with Lynn’s son about signs and treatment as we have learned about them.  He and his fiance have also researched it a lot so they decided to go to a new doctor and get a complete physical just in case.  He was seeing the same doctor that missed Lynn’s diagnosis and when vision pain started and that doctor didn’t take it seriously, it was time to move on.  His new doctor referred him to a neurologist so we asked Lynn’s doctor to take him on as a patient, and he did.

His son’s symptoms are very mild–hyper-reflexes and a blind spot in his left eye.  He may not have MS but just in case, he is having an MRI.  If it is MS, he will have gotten it diagnosed early and treatment can start early so he may not have the same problems Lynn had.

But even though we knew it could happen, and we knew all the above, it felt like a gut-kick when he told me he might have it.  I know he will handle it well and I know we will be there for him, but I had so hoped he wouldn’t get it. He is very different in his hobbies and what type of chemicals he has been exposed to so we had hoped he would be spared and maybe he will dodge this bullet too, but it was a gut kick anyway.

His son is handling it very well.  He is taking it in stride and he and his fiance have a great attitude about it.  I was worried about how Lynn would take it but he has also handled it well.  I guess over time we have all prepared ourselves for that news…so it’s just one more adjustment and one more detail that is part of who we are.

But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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