Behaviors & Emotions

Anger and Aggression

Coping with Anger and Aggression Many family caregivers provide care to family members who have dementia (i.e., someone with memory

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delusions alter how a person thinks of themselves


Delusions   Like hallucinations, delusions are difficult for both the caregiver and the family member to handle because they seem

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As a caregiver, it is often hard to know how to handle difficult situations such as depression in a loved one.

Feelings of Depression

Handling Feelings of Depression   Having feelings of depression affects millions of people. Both the caregiver and the care receiver suffer

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Person experiencing a hallucination and delusion thinking that someone is trying to harm her.


  Hallucinations   Hallucinations occur with mental and physical illnesses, often due to medications, low oxygen, or trauma. Therefore, don’t

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