BHDS Complaint Line (Behavioral Health and Developmental Services)


Tel: 1-833-333-6744

About BHDS Complaint Line (Behavioral Health and Developmental Services)

The Office of the State Inspector General’s (OSIG) Behavioral Health and Developmental Services  (BHDS) Division operates a toll-free telephone number to encourage residents, patients, authorized representatives, citizens and state employees to report situations where abuse
•  Improper or excessive use or treatment, physically mistreated
• To use excessively, to injure or damage;
• To inflict physical or emotional mistreatment or injury on (as one’s child) purposely or through negligence or neglect
More, neglectNeglect is to give little attention or respect to;  To leave undone or unattended through carelessness More or inadequate care is suspected in any program or facility operated, licensed or funded by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS).

Reports made to the BHDS Complaint Line are anonymous. Contact the Complaint Line by:

Toll-Free Phone Number (within Virginia)

  • 1-833-333-OSIG (6744)

Outside Virginia

  • 804-625-3255 or
  • 804-625-3258