Adult Protective Services (APS)


Tel: (888) 832-3858

About Adult Protective Services (APS)

To report suspected financial exploitation or other kinds of abuse
•  Improper or excessive use or treatment, physically mistreated
• To use excessively, to injure or damage;
• To inflict physical or emotional mistreatment or injury on (as one’s child) purposely or through negligence or neglect
More to the elderly or adults with a disabilityA disability is a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition that impairs, interferes with or limits a person’s ability to engage in certain tasks or actions or participate in typical daily activities and interactions More, call your local department of social services or the Virginia Department of Social Services’ 24-hour, toll-free APS hotline at: (888) 832-3858.

APS investigates reports of abuse, neglect. Neglect is to give little attention or respect to;  To leave undone or unattended through carelessness More, and exploitation of adults aged 60 and over and incapacitated adults over 18 years of age and provides services when persons are found to be in need of protective services. The goal of APS is to protect a vulnerable adult’s life, health, and property without a loss of liberty. When this is not possible, APS attempts to provide assistance with the least disruption of life style and with full due process, protection, and restoration of the person’s liberty in the shortest possible period of time. APS seeks to achieve simultaneously and in order of importance: freedom, safety, and minimal disruption of lifestyle and least-restrictive care.