Healthcare Staffing Crisis

In today’s job market, college graduates enter the marketplace seeking positions that offer independent work, high pay, self-scheduling with lots of free time, access to technology, the ability to offer alternate points of view. Unfortunately, healthcare positions require the opposite. Therefore, fewer recruits stand in the wings to replace them as baby boomers retire. As a result, healthcare has a serious staffing crisis.

Knowing the crisis was coming, researchers began exploring possible solutions to address the nation’s need for healthcare delivery. Their primary plan focused on shifting care to home, believing that most people preferred to recover at home. In addition, they felt that fewer complications occurred when patients recovered at home, and a home care delivery model significantly reduced medical costs. So they went about implementing the regulations to push early discharges and reduce long-term care facilities with a greater emphasis on in-home care. However, the one-piece they never planned well was how to prepare families for this additional burden.

Government’s Plan for Staffing Crisis

Government’s Plan for Staffing Crisis Focuses on Families Filling the Gap The 2018 United States Census Bureau report shows that as soon as 2035, older adults will outnumber children in the US.  With the population aging, the demand for healthcare services increases significantly when the healthcare industry faces potential critical staffing shortages. Outpatient procedures occur […]

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