Caregiving Data

Organizations gather data to tell their stories to influence government officials to change laws and regulations or encourage sponsors to support needy causes with donations. Through sharing data, decision-makers become aware of the link between providing care 24/7 and declining health, lost jobs, declining family relationships, ruined finances, and isolation. Find out more about what the most current surveys tell us about caregivers.

Caregivers are at high risk for back injuries due to using improper body mechanics when moving family members.

Caregiving’s Impact on Health

How Does Caregiving Impact the Caregiver’s Health? 23% report their health has declined in the past five years due to caregiving 21% state their health has been negatively affected 54% expect to be caring for someone in the next five years 44% have made plans regarding health care decisions and living arrangements if something should […]

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When the need for caregiving becomes a reality, take time to look over all your financial needs and the possible resources available to help with medical expenses because caregiving is expensive.

The Impact of Caregiving on Financial Health

What is the Impact of Caregiving on the Caregiver’s Financial Health?   1:5 family caregivers report experiencing a significant financial strain. 41% report no strain. 21-19% report little to moderate strain. 12-7% report significant or severe strain. Caregivers, aged 18-49, experience a greater degree of financial strain per age group (maybe due to limited savings

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How Does Caregiving Impact Employment?

Do Caregivers Work In Addition to Providing Care?  61% of caregivers work outside the home 61% say they have experienced a work-related impact 53% report being late, leaving early or needing accommodations with time off to deal with family matters 21% provide unpaid care (up from 18% in 2015) 10% need to stop working outside

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Who Are Caregivers?

 According to the National Data on Caregivers, Who are Caregivers? According to the “National Data on Caregivers,” family caregivers represent every type of person imaginable – young, old, every ethnic group, trained and untrained.  At some point, most people experience the need to care for someone else either temporarily or longer.    Man = 39%

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Caregivers frequently face financial hardship due to paying for supplies and medications not covered by insurance and for missing or leaving the workforce to provide care for their family member.

Caregivers Face Financial Hardships

Caregivers Face Financial Hardships According to the AARP “Caregiving in the U.S. 2020” report, one in five caregivers experiences a significant amount of financial hardship. While all caregivers face financial hardships, the effect is worse for some than others. The survey found the following trends from the data collected. Caring for adults aged 18-49 costs

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