The culture of healthcare facilities affects how professionals interact with one another, their subordinates, patients, the patient’s caregiver and family, and others they encounter. The healthcare culture promotes wellness, quality care, and care delivery at the lowest cost possible without causing more harm. A person’s right to decide their care (provided the healthcare community believes they are of sound mind), be treated with respect and equality (provided they follow all the rules established by the organization issuing them), and receive access to care without regard to income (even though someone disabled receives less income assistance than what is necessary to live above the poverty line) are all “values” listed as patient rights

Healthcare Regulations

Standards of Practice Whether receiving care from a small-town hospital or a nationally owned health system, government agencies maintain strict oversight of the healthcare industry and all associated organizations. Likewise, each healthcare profession maintains standards of practice by which they expect healthcare professionals practicing under their job titles to follow. While each state may vary,

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