Factors Influencing Acceptance

When change occurs in your life, it can be “done to you,” or you can plan for it, learn as much as you can about what’s coming, adapt to changes, and make the necessary changes to accept what’s happening. Sudden changes are more difficult to accept than when change occurs gradually over time, such as with a chronic illness. Read about some of the things that influence how or if we accept the changes that occur in our lives.

Battling Emotions

Battling Emotions The unpredictable nature of managing someone else’s world and medical condition often feels beyond the caregiver’s control. However, controlling the situation remains their responsibility. Battling emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration can overwhelm a caregiver given the chance. These emotions threaten to rise to the surface as the caregiver struggles to fight […]

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Dealing with Caregiver Emotions

Little Time to Deal with Caregiver Emotions   Since caregivers often acquire their role suddenly, they have little time to prepare for new responsibilities mentally, financially, or emotionally.  Often, they must deal with caregiver emotions by stuffing them inside to think about later as they move on to the next decision to make. Meanwhile, they

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Living in the “Right Now”

For Caregivers, Life is Unpredictable     As a caregiver adapts to caregiving, a change occurs in how they look at their world. The caregiver thinks in terms of “right now” rather than “tomorrow.”  No longer do they trust that plans made today will be relevant tomorrow or even possible.  Too often, over the years, medical

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How Caregivers Acquire Their Role

              How Caregivers Acquire Their Role Affects Their Acceptance  Caregivers acquire their role in a variety of ways. For some, it happens quickly, and for others, the process occurs gradually over time. Each event brings certain traits that impact how a caregiver processes the new duties they acquire. With

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What Factors Influence Emotional Acceptance?

Factors Influencing Emotional Acceptance   What are the many factors that influence the emotional acceptance of a caregiver to their new role? Among those influences is whatever caused them to become a caregiver in the first place. Emotions have a powerful influence on how an individual perceives their environment and their circumstances. They shape a

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