Understanding Caregiving

Before you were a caregiver, you had a place in your family. Depending on that place, your role as a caregiver may bring with it new challenges to overcome. Adjusting to the changes in your life and adapting to the changes around you produce many emotions. Those emotions have a lot of influence on how you react.
Conflicting emotions frequently occur in caregivers. Topics presented in External Influence provide insight into how others have also reacted and how caregiving not only impacts our homes but our work, the community, and those around us, too.

Battling Emotions

Battling Emotions The unpredictable nature of managing someone else’s world and medical condition often feels beyond the caregiver’s control. However, controlling the situation remains their responsibility. Battling emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration can overwhelm a caregiver given the chance. These emotions threaten to rise to the surface as the caregiver struggles to fight […]

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Dealing with Caregiver Emotions

Little Time to Deal with Caregiver Emotions   Since caregivers often acquire their role suddenly, they have little time to prepare for new responsibilities mentally, financially, or emotionally.  Often, they must deal with caregiver emotions by stuffing them inside to think about later as they move on to the next decision to make. Meanwhile, they

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Compassion Fatigue or Caregiver Burnout

Caregivers suffer from two syndromes that indicate they need some personal attention.  One is called “Compassion Fatigue” and the other “Caregiver Burnout.” Running at Full Throttle  I like word pictures, so here’s one for you. Think of a boat.  You have a caregiver running full throttle hitting waves head-on, staying the course for hours on

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Caregivers can be victims of abuse, too.

Abusive Relationships

Caregivers Can be Victims, Too   Many caregivers support elderly parents suffering from dementia or illnesses affecting their personalities. As a result, the conflict between the parent and “child,” now caregiver, may become intense. Though news articles describe elderly abuse and domestic violence associated with in-home care, few publications mention that caregivers often become victims

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Adapting to Changes in Family Relationships

Adapting to Changes in Family Relationships Part of getting used to being a caregiver is adjusting to how you interact with your family members.  Before becoming their caregiver, you functioned as a parent, sibling, child, spouse, partner, etc. Now, regardless of your prior role, or whether you are younger or older than them, you begin

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Government’s Plan for Staffing Crisis

Government’s Plan for Staffing Crisis Focuses on Families Filling the Gap The 2018 United States Census Bureau report shows that as soon as 2035, older adults will outnumber children in the US.  With the population aging, the demand for healthcare services increases significantly when the healthcare industry faces potential critical staffing shortages. Outpatient procedures occur

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