Providing care to a family member yourself 24/7 is exhausting work. After a short while, you begin to seek alternate ways to find help. For the most part, two options are available. You can either hire someone through an agency, or you can hire someone to work for you as their employer.
Other times family, friends, or relatives offer to help with caregiving responsibilities. They volunteer their services with no expectation of money in return. Are there any risks to allowing someone to volunteer without pay to assist with care? What can you do to reduce risks but still receive the help you need?

Care Agreements and Medicaid Eligibility

Care Agreements and Medicaid Eligibility Previously, I shared how to determine what duties you might continue to perform and which ones you should give to a paid caregiver. Once you decide, it’s important to verbally discuss the expectations with the caregiver and follow that conversation up with a summary of what you said. Make the …

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