Implementing Plan

You’ve done your assessment and developed a plan; now it’s time to implement it. What are some of the plans caregivers should have in place for themselves and their family members? For example, what type of emergency preparedness plans should you have? Are there documents you might want to keep up to date in case of an accident or death in the family? In implementing plans, what are things to consider and obstacles to overcome? See examples of how to implement plans and examples of how others have established plans for similar situations.

Pre-Registration Medical Form

Whenever you have a medical interaction with any healthcare group, a stream of questions pours out from every new person you encounter.  Sometimes it’s easy to remember the answers because it’s a routine appointment.  Other times, anxiety fogs the memory banks, making answers difficult to recall. With my husband’s medical status, we unfortunately take unexpected […]

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Traveling and Entertainment with a Disability

Caregiver Travelers Beware   If a hotel advertises that a room is “accessible,” they probably mean that it has handrails in the bathroom. Traveling, eating out, and attending various forms of entertainment with a disability are not for the faint of heart. Information received from brochures before arrival is rarely accurate. Although handrails are very

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Accessibility to Public Areas Outdoors People with physical limitations have difficulty accessing and using public areas effectively or with the same level of enjoyment or success that non-disabled individuals can. Posted signs declaring a facility or public grounds “Wheelchair Accessible” often misrepresent the truth. Unfortunately, after arriving on-site, they often discover “Wheelchair Accessible” pathways too

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