Insurance – Government or Private

Affording healthcare without some form of insurance is almost impossible anymore. While all Americans should have access to medical care after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the basic insurance provided by the Act provides minimal Coverage leaving the individual with the responsibility of significant medical bills or limited access to healthcare services.

Government-sponsored insurance (Medicare or Medicaid) has better coverage than the Act, while Third-Party payors (Employer-Provided Coverage) often pay the best. Each form of insurance has restrictions and limitations requiring compliance.

Virginia’s Medicaid Programs

Cardinal Care Managed Care   Virginia’s Medicaid Managed Care program offers multiple options to enrollees. Individuals have a choice regarding the healthcare benefit they select based on their location and personal healthcare needs. Each plan offers a basic healthcare benefit plan plus extra benefits that might influence the selection. Selections in 2023 included

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Reducing Assets to Meet Medicaid Eligibility

Reducing Assets to Meet Medicaid Eligibility   Medically Needy Pathway – Income Too High   Seniors aged 65 and over who exceed the Medicaid income limits may become eligible by using the money that exceeds the income limits to pay off medical bills. They can use the extra income to pay off insurance premiums, hospital

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Social Security and Medicare Eligibility

Retiring with Social Security and Medicare    Social Security and Medicare are Part of a Government-Sponsored Retirement Plan Social Security and Medicare are part of a government-sponsored retirement plan for qualified working Americans. If you held a job that earned over a set amount each year (amount changed over time) throughout your working lifetime, you

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Children with disabilities qualify for Medicaid quicker than adults because they usually do not have income or assets that limit direct access.

Applying for Medicaid

 Virginia’s Medicaid Structure Features Cardinal Care When most individuals think about needing financial assistance for medical needs, I believe they associate Medicare with the elderly and Medicaid with children and individuals with limited or no income. Both provide medical insurance coverage, but Medicaid helps with other needs besides medical costs. Previously within the Medicaid framework

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