Insurance – Government or Private

Affording healthcare without some form of insurance is almost impossible anymore. While all Americans should have access to medical care after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the basic insurance provided by the Act provides minimal Coverage leaving the individual with the responsibility of significant medical bills or limited access to healthcare services.

Government-sponsored insurance (Medicare or Medicaid) has better coverage than the Act, while Third-Party payors (Employer-Provided Coverage) often pay the best. Each form of insurance has restrictions and limitations requiring compliance.

Virginia’s Medicaid Programs

Virginia Financial Assistance Programs Virginia meets the unique needs of the young and the elderly in separate Medicaid programs. Though the groups have many needs in common, each separate age group has special challenges and struggles that require services designed specifically for their age.  The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus …

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Social Security and Medicare Eligibility

Retiring with Social Security and Medicare  Social Security and Medicare are Part of a Government-Sponsored Retirement Plan Social Security and Medicare are part of a government-sponsored retirement plan for qualified working Americans. If you held a job that earned over a set amount each year (amount changed over time) throughout your working lifetime, you paid …

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Children with disabilities qualify for Medicaid quicker than adults because they usually do not have income or assets that limit direct access.

Virginia’s Medicaid

Virginia’s Medicaid Each state manages Medicaid for its citizens within the regulatory guidelines established by the federal government. Medicaid is an insurance program like Medicare, though not guaranteed to everyone over 65. Participants must qualify for Medicaid based on income. The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) manages Virginia’s Medicaid program with the local Department …

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