Starting Out

While some caregivers come to the role with prior experience, many new caregivers only know what they learned in health class in school, from watching TV programs, or through life experiences. As a result, realizing all that it takes to manage someone else’s care suddenly becomes overwhelming when they first begin to take on the care of someone else. The caregiver feels like they must learn everything doesn’t know how or where to start.
Helping caregivers figure out what they need and where to get it is the focus of “Starting Out.” Some fundamental topics are helpful for all caregivers to know. “First Steps” presents the basics and then provides additional details you’ll need with “Understanding Healthcare,” “Legal Considerations,” and “Money Management.”

Healthcare Regulations

Standards of Practice Whether receiving care from a small-town hospital or a nationally owned health system, government agencies maintain strict oversight of the healthcare industry and all associated organizations. Likewise, each healthcare profession maintains standards of practice by which they expect healthcare professionals practicing under their job titles to follow. While each state may vary, …

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feels Overwhelming. After first becoming a caregiver, one of the most difficult tasks is learning what to keep and let go. With caregiving, you acquired full responsibility for care, decision-making, finances, appointments, health monitoring, supplies, and, let’s not forget, entertainment for possibly someone who doesn’t want you telling them what to do. Yet, at the …

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Virginia’s Medicaid Programs

Cardinal Care Managed Care   Virginia’s Medicaid Managed Care program offers multiple options to enrollees. Individuals have a choice regarding the healthcare benefit they select based on their location and personal healthcare needs. Each plan offers a basic healthcare benefit plan plus extra benefits that might influence the selection. Selections in 2023 included …

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Battling Emotions

Battling Emotions The unpredictable nature of managing someone else’s world and medical condition often feels beyond the caregiver’s control. However, controlling the situation remains their responsibility. Battling emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration can overwhelm a caregiver given the chance. These emotions threaten to rise to the surface as the caregiver struggles to fight …

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Dealing with Caregiver Emotions

Little Time to Deal with Caregiver Emotions   Since caregivers often acquire their role suddenly, they have little time to prepare for new responsibilities mentally, financially, or emotionally.  Often, they must deal with caregiver emotions by stuffing them inside to think about later as they move on to the next decision to make. Meanwhile, they …

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