Skin Integrity

The largest organ in the body is the skin. It not only holds us together, but it keeps out foreign bodies and nasty organisms. It helps regulate our body temperature and keeps us from burning up or freezing to death. The sweat glands that run through the skin help cool us off, and the blood vessels deliver food, oxygen, and nutrients throughout our body. It’s an amazing organ and one we often take for granted.

The areas of the body caregivers must monitor the closest to prevent skin breakdown.

Tips for Preventing Skin Breakdown

Relieve Pressure on the Skin – Rotate Pressure Areas Lift and turn your family member away from areas where boney areas press the skin against the bed or other hard surfaces, previously receiving all the pressure based on their sitting. When helping them move, do not slide them because sliding causes friction, which may tear …

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Performing chest percussion to help stimulate removal of secretions.

Preventing Skin Breakdown

Preventing Skin Breakdown      If your family member is immobile, they are at risk of developing skin breakdown. Learn the warning signs and ways to prevent breakdowns from occurring.  Family Needs Information      Information on skincare, immobility, and fall prevention are essential bits of information for all caregivers. If caring for someone fragile, …

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Caregivers have many types of products available to use in the prevention of skin breakdown. Talk to a healthcare professional about what is the best choice.

Healing Skin Breakdown

Healing Skin Breakdown Healing Skin Breakdown Quickly Before It Gets Worse Is Essential  Healing skin breakdown quickly and successfully is essential to prevent serious consequences to your family member’s health. Skin breakdown often leads to full-body infection (sepsis), which can lead to death. Therefore, as we have previously reviewed, (1) we want to keep it …

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