Responding In Emergencies

We all hope we will never be faced with an emergency but trying to figure out what to do if one occurs is not the right time. Seconds count in an emergency. Emergency Departments speak of the golden hour when they have the best chance of saving the life of an emergency victim. If you know how to recognize a crisis and how to respond quickly, you could save a life.

Everyone has seen CPR performed on television. As one who used to teach CPR for years, I can assure you that what you see on TV is rarely performed correctly. The techniques for adults, children, toddlers, and infants are different. How you handle the situation if you are alone or if someone is there to help you is also different. Look over the information provided here to get an idea of what to do in an emergency, and if you’re interested, there’s a discount offered to take an online course to learn what to do in case you face an emergency at home.

Boards Approving ProTraining Courses

Virginia Professional Boards and Certifying Agencies Accepting ProTrainings Courses Alternative Therapies: Acupuncture, Massage, Body, Meditation, Yoga Caregivers, Foster Care, Day Care, and Placement Agencies – includes both Adult and pediatric. Dentistry Education Emergency Services Nursing Other Professional Groups Outside and Indoor Sports, Personal and Athletic Trainers, Camp, Fitness, Exercise Pharmacy Physician, Surgeon, Medical Assistant & […]

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Emergency Airway Management

Emergency Airway Management Techniques Airway Obstructions -Choking Emergency airway management for choking focuses on helping individuals use their natural reflexes to cough out what is choking them or create an artificial cough using the Heimlich maneuver. Though tempting, do not slap someone on the back who is coughing while choking. When we get an irritant

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Emergency Response Techniques

  Videos Demonstrating Emergency Response Techniques The following videos provide visual demonstrations of emergency response techniques. You can see and hear how to correctly perform rescue breathing, chest compressions, and the Heimlich Maneuver by reviewing them. I obtained the videos from PROTrainings’ collection of YouTube presentations related to emergency responses. ProTrainings conducts a wide variety

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