Body Mechanics

Body mechanics refers to how you hold your body as you move around and change positions. Using good body mechanics means using good posture and keeping your back in a neutral position (not too curved or flat), lifting with your legs and not your back. When regularly using proper body mechanics, a caregiver can avoid muscle fatigue and injuries as you walk, lift, and bend over.

When incorrectly lifting and moving someone, a caregiver can receive a serious injury to any muscles in use. Sometimes the slightest movement in the wrong direction can result in a lifetime injury. Learn the best way to reposition, lift, move, transfer, and assist someone in daily care activities and what equipment is available to assist with moving, as well.

Using Range of Motion with Body Mechanics

Moving Joints Through Their Full Range-of-Motion What are range-of-motion exercises? Just what they say. Moving each joint in every direction that it can naturally move.   Its gentle movements start small and gradually get bigger and bigger until the joint has fully expanded to its best potential. You do that 3 or 4 times for each […]

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