Faith Based Mission

Healthcare to Homecare (HTH) captures Donna’s desire to put faith into action and create a mission to help others by providing care to family members and friends. When first becoming a caregiver, few resources existed to aid someone in learning what to do or where to go to learn how to deal with common caregiver concerns. But, through prayer and the support of other caregivers, some Christian, some not, she gathered information and tips that helped her survive the early years until her confidence grew. Through it all, Jesus had her back and gave her courage and support as needed.

Fast forward to today when once again, Donna is stepping out in faith by creating HTH. With no money to finance the project or computer skills, much less knowledge of building an internet company, the project struggles against many forces that attempt to keep it from succeeding in reaching those in need. However, by clothing herself in the armor of God, Donna continues to move forward in faith with her mission to tell caregivers of God’s love for them through this website. Furthermore, his support can comfort them during times of loneliness and despair. The website simultaneously provides them with the resources and education they need as they seek to acquire new skills and knowledge necessary to their role.


Mission Objectives   Objectives: To clarify healthcare information presented so the average person can understand it.  To help caregivers navigate efficiently and effectively within the healthcare system.  To help those unfamiliar with healthcare better understand regulations, processes, and procedures. To identify problem-solving avenues for addressing healthcare quality, safety, or service delivery concerns. To provide encouragement

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