Memory Related Behaviors

As a caregiver, you will likely encounter challenges dealing with memory disorders at some point in your caregiving journey, as well as providing physical care. Forgetfulness often leads to disruptive behaviors and frustration. Knowing how to respond to decrease negative reactions helps to increase the likelihood of better outcomes.

Dementia and Memory Loss

Dementia is the broad term used to describe all the diseases and conditions associated with memory disorders. It may affect any age group but is more common in the elderly, which is where it is often mistaken for senility. In addition, trauma, stroke, and medical conditions like infection or drug reactions, can lead to Dementia, …

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Sundowning  Sundowning Confusion Starts in the Early Afternoon Sundowning comes by its name because it’s a behavior seen in many dementia patients around the time the sun goes down each day in the late afternoon or evening. In most cases, symptoms are less pronounced earlier in the day. However, as the day progresses toward nighttime, …

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