Providing Care-Lessons Learned

Helpful tips learned over the course of thirty years of caregiving through personal experience or interacting with others.

A special needs ministry is putting Jesus' love into practice. By reaching out to those living in isolation due to a medical or mental health illness, you are bringing Jesus' love into their home if you do nothing more than listen to them as they talk about their lives. Showing you care and meeting them where they are makes all the difference to someone who lives on the outskirts of life.

Hygiene and Grooming – Sweating the Small Stuff

Today was Lynn’s six-month visit with his dentist.  Tonight, after his shower, was time to cut his fingernails and file them.  Between the two activities, I began to think about all the small things a caregiver takes over for their charge that are so important to that person’s self-image and feeling of being clean and neat. 

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