Donna Shares holds nothing back as she shares her journey with readers about her life as a family caregiver. She began blogging after finding she needed an outlet to share her pent-up emotions with other caregivers; however, she had access to none. Starting a blog was her solution to feeling isolated and gave her an avenue to share what she knew with others in hopes that her experiences might help them not feel isolated. Since her history as a caregiver has expanded many years now, she has reprinted those past posts for new readers who might be interested in comparing past to present or learning from prior experiences. Blog Library has them all categorized by the type of topic covered. Some posts listed were from the time she wrote as a contributor for Therefore, you will leave this website and go to theirs when you click on that link to read the full post. Happy reading!

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Now That You’re out of Quarantine, Don’t forget those Left behind

  Quarantine is Over Daily, the news carries reports of another state entering Phase One of returning to normal following the massive shut-down of the country to protect the vulnerable population from the Coronavirus. At this point, I think most, if not all, states have reopened markets that are not high-risk. People are emerging from

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