Lack of sleep, fatigue, poor eating habits, and canceling medical appointments all contribute to increased risk of serious health problems for caregivers.

A Little to the Left Please

     I often complain about how picky I think Lynn is.  One of my greatest frustrations is how much effort it takes to get something right for him.  It

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Accepting What You Know

When I was young, no one in my immediate family had any type of visible disability.  I grew up in the “country” and all the adults and children were physically

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Caregiving From a Different Perspective

Each of us filters information through our previous life experiences. Through those filters, we evaluate comments made and inferences perceived and eventually make conclusions based on those filters. We also tell

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Donna Steigleder, Owner, Healthcare to Homecare

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday.  I’m a grand ole 56 years young or old depending on which joint is aching and how much sleep I have had.  Usually, I do not

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it takes a lot of planning for caregivers to enjoy

Holiday Preparations

Getting ready for the holidays at my house incorporates specific considerations that many families who do not deal with chronic illnesses do not consider as part of their preplanning task

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