Batten Down the Hatches! Snow is Coming


For you folks who have lived in the northern states, the reaction of us mid-Atlantic residents to the threat of snow must look like a bunch of panicked rats in a maze.  The reason for this panic is that most people are spoiled by the ability to run to their neighborhood (insert store here) to pick up whatever they want whenever they want it. The knowledge that they might not be able to buy bread (or beer) for a couple of days seems to strike fear in the heart of grown men.
When I hear we might have snow or ice, my first thought is to get the generator ready.  I live in a rural area that is not in the “priority” grid even though Lynn at one time had to use an electric external ventilator type device when he would try to sleep.  At that time, we were told to fill out special forms to make sure the electric company was aware of his medical need to have access to power to run necessary medical equipment.  We filled out the information and I assume it’s still on file somewhere but realistically, it didn’t seem to make any difference. With more and more people who have special needs living at home, I expect every grid has someone with a special needs form on file with the electric company so it goes back to the number of residents per grid and where they (the electric company) gets the biggest bang for their buck.

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