Pre-Registration Medical Form

Whenever you have a medical interaction with any healthcare group, a stream of questions pours out from every new person you encounter.  Sometimes it’s easy to remember the answers because it’s a routine appointment.  Other times, anxiety fogs the memory banks, making answers difficult to recall. With my husband’s medical status, we unfortunately take unexpected […]

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Individuals with dissociative disorders escape from what is real into what is unreal as a means of survival. Victims of trauma and abuse use if as a self preservation technique.

Memory Loss – Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative Disorder    Dissociative Disorder is another type of memory disorder that develops as a defense mechanism following some serious trauma. An individual may attempt to escape from the reality of ongoing abuse, violent attacks, disasters, or combat by mentally disconnecting their thoughts, identity, consciousness, or memories from what is real to what is not

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A special needs ministry is putting Jesus' love into practice. By reaching out to those living in isolation due to a medical or mental health illness, you are bringing Jesus' love into their home if you do nothing more than listen to them as they talk about their lives. Showing you care and meeting them where they are makes all the difference to someone who lives on the outskirts of life.

Starting A Special Needs Outreach Ministry

Introduction The first step in creating any outreach ministry requires prayer. Ask God to help you identify the group leader and participants who will make this ministry a success. You want people who have a heart for service, care for the needs of others, and often have experience with similar needs. I strongly recommend, however,

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