Advertisements and Sponsorships

Funding Sources

Healthcare to Homecare, LLC (referred to as HTH) receives funding from advertisements, sponsorships, and third-party affiliate links to provide family caregivers with the information and resources they need to provide quality and safe care. 

In accepting advertisements, sponsorships, or links, the content must align with or promote the mission of HTH either directly or indirectly. The Administration of HTH reserves the exclusive right to decide what applies and, thereby, has the right to reject, cancel, or remove any non-compliant ads. Furthermore, HTH has the exclusive right to determine the final ad size, cost, available site location, and all HTH factors for publication on a case-by-case basis.


Advertisement on HTH includes but is not limited to banner ads, links, and sponsored content. The presence of an advertisement on HTH does not denote endorsement of the advertised company or product.

Any user who clicks on an advertisement should understand our Terms and Conditions Policy, Federal Trade Commission Statement, and Privacy Policy.

HTH does not accept advertisements for the following:

  • Products or materials that promote, facilitate, or encourage illegal or violent activity.
  • Advertisements that promote fraudulent claims.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, explosives, or firearms.
  • Pornography or pornographic material, products, or services.
  • Products promoting abuse, addiction, or violence of any kind.

Members who receive emails from HTH may see ads in our email newsletters. In addition, HTH may send email messages on behalf of our partners. Members may opt-out of receiving emails at any time.

Sponsored Content

“Sponsored Content” consists of sections of content funded or provided by an advertiser separate from the established advertising structure. An advertiser’s editorial content must benefit users by providing information relevant to caregivers. HTH does not accept sponsored content that breaches HTH policies. Accepting sponsored content, including editorial content, does not represent HTH’s endorsement of that content, product, or service.

Affiliate Links

HTH has affiliation relationships with limited retailers. HTH users may use affiliate links provided by HTH to conveniently connect directly to the retailer via those links. The affiliate links function completely separately from the editorial process; however, HTH receives compensation when an HTH user accesses the affiliate line to connect with the retailer. An affiliate link does not impact the cost of items purchased by the HTH user once connected to the affiliate site. Affiliates of HTH may offer discounts who use the links to access affiliate products. HTH has no control over the affiliate’s choice to honor or administer the discount offered through the use of the affiliation and/or link. 


Federal Trade Commission

Persons or companies who wish to advertise or affiliate with HTH should contact Donna Steigleder at for further information.